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What is is a SaaS platform where entrepreneurs can find, apply for, and (coming soon) manage grants to help fund their company.

Why does it exist?

Finding and applying for grants is notoriously difficult. Most government entities use their own unique websites and applications, which makes finding the right grant across each of these entities frustrating and time-consuming. This prevents newcomers from applying for grants and makes it easy for incumbents and large corporations to funnel away public funding that was meant for innovation. We've taken on the job of pulling these grants into one platform. This job will never be done, but our data gets better every day.

How does it work?

After the user completes their profile, our software filters our grant database and recommends the best available grants. The user can also choose to search the listings manually. When they've found a grant they want to apply for, they can message one of our pre-approved grant writers and start applying for the grant. 

How do you make money?

We make money in two ways. If the startup qualifies for our partner program, we'll take care of the grant application, then the startup pays a fee if the grant is won. This model keeps with the ethics code of the grant professionals association. Compensation is agreed upon prior to grant writing, and is not based on any percentage of the grant. Alternatively, we charge a fee on all grant writing work that's billed through our platform (think UpWork). In the future, when our grant management system is operational and can help startups automate grant compliance requirements, we will implement a SaaS fee for that.


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